Bangla Love SMS 2019- Send Your Ex-Girlfriend

Hello Brothers! What's Up! Here you come to see the best Emotional Love SMS in Bangla! If you are a heartbroken person! You can send SMS to your Girlfriend. And feel Comfortable! Here available most emotional Love SMS. Which is must need for every Lover! If they wish they will send SMS to their girlfriend. Just see the SMS and Copy it from us! It's totally free for you. And send it to your girlfriend to find attention. 
 There are many Bangla SMS available! But we provide here most effective SMS. Which is really emotional. We think you like all SMS. Now we added below 5 SMS in 3 types Langues.

Top 5: 
Ishara te khujey berai tokey shoponey 𝨍  
Tor naam dekhe heshe feli anmoney ;) 
ke niye jabey tokey rupkothar deshe 
bol amar theke ke tokey Valo Janey!
 In Bangla:

In English:
Look at the gesture in your dreamLaugh with your name;)Who will take you into the fairytale countryWho knows me better than me!
Top 4: 
Koto din hoye gechey dekhini tokey, tokey mon dakeyGhum theke uthey prothom tokey dekha protidin!Tar kol-e matha rekhe kome jay ki tor.. betha, o bol naTobey aye firey ghor-e, eksathe boshe shunbo tor mon-er kotha!
In Bangla: 

In English:
I have not seen how long you have been, but you call me.Get up first and wake up every day.His head fell on his lap, his pain and no balls.But your mind will listen to sitting back and sitting in the house together.

Top 3:
Bōkā bhēbē ṭhokiẏē zābi bhābis ki korē???? Ēto bondhu juṭiẏē nibo hāriẏē zābi bondhu dēr bhīṛē.
In Bangla:

In English:
Do you think the fool will deceive?    So many gunu duyi lost the jungle bamboo crowd ....
Top 2: 
Ki kore bolbo bol ajo amake bhalobashishPreme pori notun kore .. Joto bar tokey dekhi Tor jonno proti spondon-e prarthona kori Ki kore bolbo bol.. Tui ki amar kotha ajo bhabish
In Bangla:

In English:
Tell me how to say .. still love me again, in love again .. every time I see you, I pray in every spontaneity .. tell me how do you say ... do you still think about me today?

Top 1: 
Sob kichu bodlē gēlō ēk rātēr nimiṣē,tumi hāriẏē jābē bolēchilē kobē?Āj tōmāẏ hāriẏē āj ēkā ēi rātē,bhābanātē tōmākē khujēchi ki tobē?
In Bangla:

In English:
Everything changed in one night,
When you said you lost?
Today you are lost tonight this night alone,
Do you find yourself in the thought?

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